Husband and Wife.

George: Finally, after a year of being with Angelina, he can now proudly call her his wife. Just like during Fred’s birth, it all felt surreal but at the same time gave him happiness he thought he’d never experience again. “Hello there, Mrs. Angelina Weasley.” He whispered as he leaned in and gave Angie a light kiss on the lips.

Angelina: It had been a complete whirlwind and after months of planning and the birth of their first child she was finally a Weasley. The service had been everything that she had dreamed of and more… It had been perfect. Finally alone with her husband for the short time that they had with each other before the reception, she relaxed into his arms and gazed at him, smiling widely as he addressed her… “Hello husband….Merlin, it’s finally happened, hadn’t it?”

George: "It really has and it was beautiful. You were beautiful. Though Fred took the limelight away from us for a second when he laughed so loudly in the middle of the service." He chuckled as he remembered the scene. "Bless him."

Angelina: She giggled along with him at the memory, running her fingers through the hair at his nape. “Our son…our little baby boy” she whispered, smiling at him. “So much has happened over these past few years…It’s been crazy. I don’t regret a second of it, George, I am so happy”.

George: "It has been, hasn’t it? I didn’t think I’d be alright again but you saved me, Angie, you really did. And I thank you for that. I am happiest with you and our son and I promise to love the both of you forever." George traced Angie’s face with the back of his hand, cupped her chin and kissed her again, more passionately this time.

Angelina: She returned the kiss with complete fervor, telling him how she felt through the kiss. Pulling away from him, she grinned widely.. “I love you.”

George: "I love you too." He wrapped his arms around his wife and swayed slowly to a soft melody on they could hear. Breaking the silence, George looked at Angie with a lopsided grin and said, "I have bought you my wedding present. Although it would have to wait ‘til tomorrow to see it."

Angelina: She hummed lightly as they swayed, resting her head against his chest. “Present? Tomorrow? What is it!?” She squealed excited.

George: He laughed at her excitement, he knew how much she loved surprises. “You’ll just have to wait til tomorrow, Love.”

Angelina: "Nooo…" she whined, playfully swatting his shoulder. "Don’t do that to meeee! I wanna know now silly!

George: "Na-uh. Patience is a virtue, Love." He chuckled, obviously enjoying Angie’s agony.

Angelina: "You. Are a meanie!" she said, kissing him in between. "If I show you mine will you show me yours?" she murmered, cheekily.

George: George looked at Angie with a raised eyebrow and a devious smile, she really knew how to turn him on. “Tempting…” He whispered while running kisses from her lips to her chin “really tempting…” to her ear then down to her neck and collar bone before coming to a complete halt “but no. You’ll have to wait ‘til tomorrow.” 

Angelina: She hummed appreciatively as he kissed her, gripping onto his shoulder as her other hand remained woven in his hair. “Not fair…completely. not. fair. You big tease” she said, pouting playfully as she gave her husband the ‘puppy eyes’ treatment. “Wait.. You’re not planning to test a new Triple W product on me, are you?”

George: He fakes a gasp and a shocked face, “How did you know?? That’s why I was keeping it a surprise, so you won’t be able to squirm your way out of it! Well, to be fair, it wasn’t my idea. Your son tricked me into doing it!” 

Angelina: She threw her head back and laughed melodically, “Oh did he really? You’re a big fibber George Weasley…”. Her hand rested on his shoulder, the other on his heart as she gazed lovingly into his eyes.

George: He mirrored her gaze, smiled and landed a few kisses on her nose. “I love you. Forever.”

Angelina: She nuzzled into his kisses and smiled warmly. “I love you too, George. Forever.” xx